Hanorah has always been fascinated by the art of dance and the innate connection between movement, mind, and body. Having a background in various dance forms, she has a deep understanding of how movement can be used to improve both physical and mental well-being. Hanorah holds a Diploma in Professional Pilates Instruction (PITC) and is a certified XTEND Barre Instructor.

As a mother of four, Hanorah understands the importance of balance and self-care. She believes that through her teaching, she can empower individuals to foster positive lifestyles through movement. Her commitment to her practice is evident in the way she works with clients to develop their skills, improve their posture, and gain flexibility and strength.

Hanorah first came to an XTEND class in 2017 and soon after made Barre a regular part of her week.  The studio is home to such a lovely community of members, being a part of it is an absolute joy!