Welcome to XTEND – feel-good movement for every body, mind and goal. Combining the principles of Pilates with the dynamics and exhilaration of dance, XTEND will open, strengthen and tone your body, refresh your mind, and release your soul. Founded in 2011, XTEND’s high-intensity, low risk and feel-good formula makes you feel strong, energised, and ready for anything. More than a workout, XTEND opens up a world of life-changing experiences and fun through inspiring personal instruction and motivating music. XTEND’s diverse programs focus on safe and dynamic movement of the whole body, delivering cardio, strength, endurance, and flexibility.   Discover the full range of XTEND classes below.





Cardio, Sculpt, Balance

Looking for a transformative workout? Our signature full-body workout combines the science of Pilates with the energy of dance to improve your stamina, stability and balance. Experience high energy, uplifting music and inspiring instruction to challenge your mental and physical strength. Repetition and pulsing of small movements to the beat of the music will target all muscle groups to sculpt and strengthen the whole body. Using small hand weights, a playground ball and resistance bands, you’ll feel the burn and see the results in no time!



Strength, cardio, stability, sculpt


Get ready for 45 minutes of high-intensity training! This session includes intervals, each targeting a specific area, using a blend of Mat, TRX and Reformer. The circuit class covers high and low intensity intervals, strength & stretch. Expect to sweat, burn and develop strength in this fast paced fun workout.

Not suitable for pre-natal



Strength, cardio, stability

Utilizing the TRX® suspension trainer, you can take your strength training to a new level. Of all our programs, this class has the biggest focus on strength, as you will be challenged to move your body weight in all directions. The equipment can be easily adjusted to increase or decrease the challenge, ensuring it is appropriate for all levels of strength and fitness. Once you have tried TRX Suspend for the first time, you will be hooked on the versatility, ever-changing challenges, and of course, the improvements in muscle tone, definition and your overall strength.


Cardio, sculpt

Our shortest and sweatiest class of all. 30 minutes of focus and energy is all you need to reap the benefits. Programmed to combine traditional HIIT training to burn calories and improve cardiovascular fitness, with alternating sculpting low intensity intervals.



Strength, sculpt, stability

With the addition of the Pilates Stick, your core muscle activation and body control is pushed to its challenge zone. The additional resistance from the bungee cords will further test your balance and improve your upper body strength. This workout strength and stability, designed to produce amplified results!

This class is not suitable to pre-natal clients.



Strength, sculpt

This class will put power in your moves with 30 minutes of targeted toning and strength training utilising our signature XTEND ankle weights. Expect to burn more calories and improve you endurance in this amplified XTEND class.



Mobility, recovery

This class moves through the entire body and is designed to help you increase your mobility and range of motion, plus prevent injury at the same time. Alignment and spinal articulation are also big components of this class and you will do a combination of dynamic, isometric and active stretches to help increase your body’s overall flexibility.



Cardio, FUN!

Whether you think you can move like Beyoncé or not – this is the class for you! Dance Cardio is all about having fun, working up a sweat with an upbeat playlist, and shaking your worries away. The program includes a warm-up to get you ready to hit the D-Floor, and will follow with dance combinations that will make you feel like a pro. You don’t need to be a dancer, but it is fast-paced, so we recommend that you wear trainers for this class.



Sculpt, stability

Mat Pilates offers a safe and effective low-impact workout, utilising small equipment under the guidance of a trained and skilled Pilates qualified instructor. For every strength and fitness level, this class will tone, lengthen and strengthen the whole body and get your muscles firing (especially in the core and glutes!).



Sculpt, strength, stability

Using the Pilates Reformer, these small group classes give you an intense and dynamic Pilates workout, adding resistance with the use of springs. With a variety of exercises, this class is ideal for toning muscles, increasing stability through the joints, improving posture and flexibility, and providing a full body workout.

Suitable for all bodies



Stability, sculpt

Designed to rebuild the postnatal body, our Mums & Bubs class offers you a supportive return to exercise after having your baby. Our skilled instructors will make modifications to our class to ensure your body is gently and gradually challenged.  Babies can be worn in a carrier for this class.



Mobility, recovery

From Vinyasa flow to relaxing candlelit Yin, our studios offer a range of yoga classes to complement our energizing classes. Improve your mental strength and stamina as you move through the class and leave feeling refreshed, energized and strong.